Hey guyz

Dear Journal,

I know it's been a while since I have ever really written in this thing lolz but last time i treid to log in to my account  it like "blocked" me and said that it "couldn't locate my account" I was kinda pissed a little b/c i like LJ, and then i thought that the site might have deleted it b/c i have not been on in a long time, lolz but all of a sudden today it works :) thank goodness

so my life so far is pretty good im a junior in HS, I "trying" to teach myself japanese, and I'm learning how to be a chef and trying to look at some colleges lolz, life is not that busy but it keeps me going! :)

Boyz are another story... LOL im interseted but I have got to stay focused :)
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hey just a small check up lolz

dear journal,

this past week so far has been kind of good besides some of the annoying friends but it's okay lolz, anyway just checking up on this thing  cause i have not posted in like 5 weeks lolz

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dear journal, 
i know i have not been writing in you for a LONG time.........lol but im back and im doing very excellent!!!!!!!!!! sorry to brag but  i am, i am  im doing so well that i made super honor roll!!!!!!!!!!!    i was so excited!!!!!!!,  but yeah most of my teachers like me and yeah i have a favorite teacher and we hang out and stuff she's cool i call her Mrs. B, lol but im not really popular but i dont care as long as i have a small circle of buddys i hange around lol well thats all i got to say right now, but if any one has any qeustions just ask as long as they are not innapropriate, well bye for now.......lol
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(no subject)

Dear journal,

Not 2 long ago the guy that I wrote about last time, was looking at me during lunch, when i say looking i really mean looking  it was like I was a plate of buffalo wings and he was some hungry fat guy at a sports grill. Okay it all happend when ne-ne, asked me 2 sit with her (we're not as close as we used to be big fight ,long story) and I did knowing my crush always sits there 2. So while I was there the conversation was as dead as dry land gosh it was boring! hey I don't know if it was just me or what but, no one was talking to me not that any ones supposed to but i could've had a better time if someone had opened their mouth and speak!, everyone was consumed in their own conversations, and that made me feel very dull and boring. And i tried to start up a conversation with her and her plump friend, but i could'nt think of anything to say. So then they asked me about how come I was'nt talking and i said i there was'nt nothin' to talk about. Then as I went to throw my lunch tray away i look back at the table and i see my crush starring at me so then I start to get really nervous and I'm looking dead at him while he's lookin at me while I'm like 20 feet away. then when i walk around  half the cafeteria to go to my locker like always this fool turns his head around and starts looking again! and while he was doing it i was lookin back at him, then i start to worry and think like "is he lookin at a pimple om my face or do I have some type of stain on my clothes" and all these crazy thoughts are running through my head, and I look at my friend and she and her plump friend are laughing while lookin at each other so then i start to think like "did she tell him something embarrassing about me?????", so then as I walk away not looking i start to wonder if he was still looking at me. Then after a few minutes I wait at my locker and then here come ne-ne and her plump friend, then i asked her why was he looking at me( i don't know why i asked them either) and she told me that "he does that to people that he has not seen before", and i start thinkin to myself like WTF???? how on god's green earth does she know this???, i believed it at first but i had to think for a minute. So while she was telling me this i look down the hallway and i see him behind this bootleg see- through glass trophy case lookin at me again, then i complain with out thinking and say "there he go lookin again" i was kind of irritated when i said this because i wanted to know why. So the whole day I keep wondering why he was staring at me and why did'nt do anything about it like smile, or atleast wave. and im debating in my head if i should ask him why and in my mind it seems so easy but in reality it ain't! and that's the hard part. And i was so confused about what to do, i think he knows who i am well maybe not my name but atleast knows my face 'cause she asked me if i thought he was cute, i told her yes and she told him and come to find out he said that "alot of girls think Im cute", so i thought that was kind of conceited, but he's still cute and atleast he did'nt say anything nasty or rude, like call me out of my name. But I don't know if I should still ask him because it did happen a while ago like toward the end of april.
i still like him though 'cause he's cute but i heard that he was rude to people especially if he does'nt like them, but i can't go and believe everything i hear now can i???..............................

*~MiSS IdK~*

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~*Dreams ~*relfecting real life~**:)

Dear journal,

Last friday was the best day 'cause i have this semi-crush   on this guy(thats what i keep telling myself ) in my lunch period and i don't like to eat lunch 'cause it can sometimes look like throw up to the point i juss be like f**** it, and hang out with my friend Unique in the gym and talk like we always do, so we were making our way from the cafetiria to the gym she told me(that all the guyz were playin' b-ball in the gym and i though he was there)
   but he  was sitting with all the azn people (he's azn) and when we walked passed  his table
 she was  pressuring me to look at him and i was like in a low whisper " no, no i don't want to look at him right now!" 'cause i get really nervouse  when i make eye contact with him. so when  we were in the hallway with the lockers right by the gym i was like "Unique you know he was looking at you gurl stop playin'" i was trying to play it off to see if she would  tell me the truth about who he was really  lookin' at, and when she told me  that he was lookin' at me i was so excited! then i said that he probably was lookin' 'cause i had a crazy look on my face when me and ami where talking then she busted out laughing lol  and just the week before or  during that week i had a dream about me at lunch  and him looking at me and hugging me! that is sooooo crazy!
well atleast i got the look, instead of the hug 'casue if i did get that hug i might've fainted then woke up i probably would've been stalkin' his sexy booty! 
  lol i'm juss playin' lol i would'nt really do that:)

well thats all i got  2 say

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*~Friends are priceless~*(sometimes)

Dear journal,
Wassup? I know it's been a while since I posted but I'm glad I'm back.:)
*anywayz* yesterday I went over to my friend NE-NE's house(she is so sweet) and when I walked in to her bedroom there was a gold box sitting on her bed.(I knew it was for me because she told me she had a surprise a few day's earlier) and when I looked at the box on the top, it said in blue red and green glitter:"SURPRISE"! "LOVE YA"!
"HOPE YOU LIKE IT"!. When I saw it I was all happy then I opened it and inside was a card that said how we met in Pre-Algebra, and how this is our first memory and that were always gonna be friends. There was also a small notepad with a kitten on it (she knows I like to write)and the cutest pink blouse in there to. It was a little small but thats o.k. 'cuz I play tennis so I'll be able to shrink into it be for school's out:).But I luv my friend NE-NE to death though because she is one of the sweetest friends I have eva had and she is so good to me:) Friends like this are so priceless:). But umz... I dont know what to get her though maybe a huge red stuffed animal, a card and some other things. I dont know hopefully I'll think of something:)
But if I dont...can some boddy pleaze give me an idea of what to give one of my sweetest homie's?

:)Love J,
a.k.a T's gurl!!:)

P.S.(my bad)
she also got me a cute teddy bear:)
sorry I 4got 2 put dat in there I was soo happy that when I went home I
almost started 2 bust out cyrin(LOL):)
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my first fanfiction

Hi yaw this is my first fanfic so please be supportive.any way if you have any questions,comments,or ideas just post or e-mail please&thankyou=).and I cant tell the plot because it is all a surprise=).
CHARACTERS: Hiroki, Yamato, Naoto, Yoh, Katchan,and Ryo a.k.a orange range.Trisha,and Jolunda.aiight now lets get started=)

Contestperson:"Hello may I please speak with Jolunda Dandrige"?
Jolunda:"This is she" she said while rolling her eyes thinking it was another gotdamn bill collector.
C/P:"Hi this is Yoku Hishara from JM 2.79 radio calling to tell you Jolunda
Dandrige that you've just won the "Oneiga Seniorita", Orange Range contest. Where you and one special friend, get to go on a first class trip
with back stage passes.To Okanowa,Japan to kick it with the orange range crew."
Jolunda:"OMG I WON"!I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS I WON!" she said while screaming at the top of her lungs. Trisha ran from the kitchen while in the middle of cooking pancakes.
Trisha:"Jolunda what is wrong with you?" she said in a panicking kind of way.
Jolunda:"o.k. o.k." she said while fanning her self trying to calm down.
Jolunda:"We just won a trip to go see Orange Range live"!
Trisha:"What are you serious"? she said while blinking her eyes in amazment.Then both girls started jumping and screaming,
Jolunda:"O.K. stop" she said out of breath
C/P:"I was hoping you would come back,but any way I've got a time limit for you,Jolunda you and your friend must be at the air port by 5:30 p.m.
Jolunda:"Yes, thank you very much"
C/P:"Awww you're welcome have fun"
Jolunda:"You best believe I will"
C/P:"O.K. bye"
Trisha:"O.K. what she say"?
Jolunda:"Yoku told me that we had a time limit to get to the air port,we have until 5:30 p.m."
Trisha:"Lets start packing"!she said in excitment.
Then both girls ran up stairs screaming,Trisha and Jolunda took at least
30 minutes each to pack their clothes.Soon as they were done they threw their bags down the steps,then ran.Then all of a sudden BOOM,ZLOOP,BAM goes Jolunda flying down the steps,then Trisha burst out laghing.
Jolunda:"Hey that ain't funny"! she yelled to Trisha
Trisha:"Oh YES IT IS"she said while still laghing. After that little episode Jolunda brushed her self off and both girls put their shoes on took their luggage out to the car,put it in then drove off to the air port.

well thats all I'm doing tonight hoped you liked it=)
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(no subject)

yo wassup yaw aint nothin really happen today but can yaw judge these pics: Collapse )

hey yaw if u like these pictures rate them!!!!!!!!=) and can you please ASK 4 my PERMISSION before ya jack my pictures? PLEASE & THANK YOU=)

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OMG how BROKE can YOU be????

Dear journal,
last night when I was riding with my step-sister in her car we had went to go pick up her sis from her job,so we picked her up and aked how her day had gone and dadadada.then we stoped at a gastation to pick up some pop then my step-sis(the one driving)was coplaining because she did not have enough money to buy it,so my other sis said "well I dont have any money on me now" then my other sis was like "well what happend to the fifty-dollars you gave mom last week"?
then the other didnt say anything and walked up in the store.then the one Im sitting in the car with was like "Yeah that's right heffa keep walkin".(she did not say it too her face) and Im just like WTF is going on so I just start laughing my butt off!=) then I rememeberd just earlyer that day they were both arguing at my baby-sis who is like only 9years old for 50 cent then I started laughing even harder!=)then she came back from buying juice and saw me laghing so hard they both asked me what was I laghing at then I just simply looked at them then started laghing harder!=)
Tisk Tisk how BROKE can you get???LOL
well LADIEZ & GENTZ please dont eva let your broke-ness lead you to this point(still laghing while wipping tears of joy from her eyes)=)

well bye journal
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