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the journal of a cute gurl in love with azn boyz!

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well im 17 and love art that is one of passions but i do that sometimes when im upset, my other one is to write short stories, i have no clue why i do it 'cause i never really get to finish it this is my first year of highschool. lol it's a big change from middle i guess because thge boys are cuter even though i never flirt im just too shy. the work is not that hard, and i have more people to hang out with. And almost everyday i have a good day 'cause the people i hang with make me laugh and are really funny, but the not so good part is that they cuss alot which is not really my style since since i only do that when i hurt myself, and say it under my breath. lol i guess i would like to have a boyfriend since i've never had one before, but i just don't want the drama that comes with it lol.